Blossoms and Birds

Ask Away!    Submit   Elora. 21. I'm currently working for a BA in Art History and Classics (they'll show up occasionally). But I adore birds. Always have. They are incredibly amazing balls of fluff and feathers. 90% of what I post here is in appreciation for those creatures which have inspired and awed me.

Almost all of the images posted here are not mine. Those that are will be marked either in the tags or the description. If an image is yours and not marked as such, send me a message and I will correct the source or take it down. I'm seriously considering going to grad school for Library Science and Digital Humanities, so I take that shit very seriously.

Feel free to ask me just about anything! I've never pretended to know anything scientific about birds and I sadly do not have a pet bird, so I can't say I know much about that either. But I do know plenty of blogs that could help you with those types of questions. However, I can field some questions about identification and birding basics.

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